Hi there, I'm Lori Leigh Harding. Welcome to Set Free...a blog about faith and how it intersects real life. It's my clumsy attempt to point myself and others to Jesus. I hope you're encouraged as you realize that you are not alone. If you struggle, there are others struggling too. If you feel faithless, join the club. I'm stumbling through this journey, tripping, falling, getting back up. Questioning, doubting, agreeing, but above all trying to love.

The good news is you can't earn God's love because of the good you do, and you can't lose God's love because of any bad you do. Maybe you're not a Christian and you're wondering what all this is about. I hope you make yourself at home here as well.

Regardless of what we all believe, we are fellow travelers in need of love and encouragement.

God's love for his children is good news for everyone!