Thursday, August 14, 2014

One Thing I Want My 18 Year Old To Know

This is the time of year when we say goodbye to our young adult children. It is the time when we forget the "young adult" part and mostly remember the "children" part. Anxieties are high - will they get in with the right group of friends, will they study hard and get good grades? Some moms are hoping their children will at least shower, brush their teeth and do their laundry. Have you spent this final year at home with your teen rehearsing and reminding? Rehearsing all the right things to say in any given situation, and reminding them of all the do's and don'ts you've taught them over the years? 

Here is some good news.

Everything you have taught them from 0 to 18 they still know. You don't need to tell your 18 year old to make it to class on time or to get plenty of sleep. They already know that. This is good news because you can stop with all the reminders and advice. Just love them.

The one thing you want them to know and the one thing you should tell them over and over and over is this:

{source - google}
God loves them so much he sent His son to die - for them. Not because they were "getting it done" and "walking the walk." Because truthfully (I know you think their perfect) they are sinners just like you. Sinners in need of a Savior. 

Remind them of such a great love - one that condescended to them in the midst of their rebellion, their sin and their disobedience. 

For all the ways they have gotten it wrong, Jesus got it right - for them. He lived the perfect life they couldn't and wouldn't - for them. Now his perfect record is theirs. Jesus has done for them what they cannot do for themselves.

Encourage them with the spectacular news that as they go off to college, God loves them. They will make some good decisions and some bad decisions but none of that has any bearing on God's love for them. No good they do can earn more love from God and no bad they do can forfeit love from God.

One thing they need to know - God's love for them is unconditional, one way, forever and ever and ever.

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