Friday, July 25, 2014

She Just Showed Up And Played

I was talking with a friend yesterday - she was eagerly recounting to me the details of her escapades from the night before. Don't worry, this is G rated :)

She golfs. She loves it! And she is really good.

Tuesdays are tournament days for her. She heads up a league and is responsible for all the details each week. It is a busy, tiring, but fun day for her.

Tuesdays can end up being an even longer day because she also substitutes for another league in town. She plays when needed, and they needed her last night. Happy to do it, she headed over. Well, kind of happy. She was actually hoping for rain as she drove up. Even though we've had rain literally every night for the past month, this night proved to be the exception.

She relaxed and realized she was enjoying the evening as the game progressed.

She played well. 

So well that she won the tournament - to her delight! Not only did she win the tournament, she won a carry over prize from the week before!

Yes, it was a good evening. As they walked into the clubhouse and grabbed a drink, the club president was making some announcements - my friend tuned in long enough to hear her name!

Another surprise - she had won the drawing that week!

I couldn't help but smile as I thought about the people who faithfully play in that league week after week. Can you hear the whispers? 

"Umph!", "She is not even part of our league!", "Did she have to win everything?!?"

This all but explains grace. In our small minded thinking about God and how he operates, we're always determined to do something to earn it. Even if we "get" grace and have been around the gospel, it's hard to get away from the whole quid pro quo arrangement with God. Don't we have to do something? Aren't there any prerequisites?

What my friend experienced is a tiny sliver of what God's grace looks like. She was there and she played.

I think that's what God wants. Be present and play. It's the good news of the gospel. 

God is not waiting for us to earn prizes.

He gives them.

Eph 2:8

Now, go play!

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