Monday, July 14, 2014

Dear Moms,

It's Monday morning and that means back to some semblance of a routine after the willy nilly carefree summer weekend! If you are like me, you may have had some plan of attack in mind – maybe a list of things you want to get done or places you want to go or people you need to see. Or, you may be looking forward to a day that involves staying in your pj's til 4pm.

Either way, I know your time is short... have kids that need to be fed, played with, kissed and cuddled. 


Sorry, don’t mean to shout at you ;) 

It’s just that this is REALLY IMPORTANT.

Are you still in your pj's? Or, did you bounce of bed, grab the baby’s bottle in one hand and your Bible in the other? Have you had time to journal thoughts about God, or, are you prying jelly smeared book pages apart? Have you spent time in prayer this morning, or, did you mumble something about God saving that strong willed munchkin from your wrath?



NOTHING you have done this morning, and, NOTHING you have left undone this morning, changes how God feels about you! 

Your success is not determined by what you have done, but by the success of Another. 
You are forever loved, and, God’s storehouse of lavish love for you is endless. 

It is not determined by your ability to read your Bible every morning or get your family in line today. 

It’s good news for your kids too! God loves them. Relax

It is not their good behavior that He views as success. 
And, it’s not their bad behavior that He views as failure.

Don’t fall for the lies of this world [and modern day Christianity] that sell you a ladder to climb and not the cross that frees.

You have enough weight to carry from the voices of this world, you don’t need it from your religion. Furthermore, it is not the truth.

Here is truth.

If righteousness were through the law, then Christ died for no purpose.
Gal 2:21

If you could be successful in God’s eyes by attaining your own righteousness (enough Bible reading, enough prayer, enough “do-goodism”), Jesus would not have had to die.

Jesus has succeeded for you. 

Moms, the burden to perform is over. Christ pleased God at the cross for you and for me. 
Because of His finished work...

...You are pleasing in His sight. 
...You are beloved of God. 
...You are the apple of His eye.


  1. So beautiful and EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now as I deal (sometimes not very graciously) with my oldest child. Thank you!

    1. So grateful is was encouraging to you! I get the whole "not very graciously" thing too! Ah, grace for debtors :) Truly amazing!