Monday, March 24, 2014

An Uninvited Guest

I was standing in the middle of my kitchen last week when suddenly there was a loud pounding at my front door. It was a frantic and forceful series of knocks. My husband was working late and even though it was still light out, my senses were alerted. Heart beating fast, I walked to the door and peered through the blinds. With relief, I opened the door and fell into the arms of a very dear friend. She had heard of my suffering. She dropped everything, jumped into her car and raced over to my home - unannounced. She pursued me with abandon, not thinking twice. Nothing could stop her. She would not rest until she saw my face.

We sat for four hours. We wept. We talked. She was by my side until my husband came home. She knew I was safe and in good hands. Only then did she leave.

I am counting on the truth that this is what God is like. In the midst of suffering and sin, I hope that all the things I have believed in the past are true. That despite, pain, disappointment, anguish, abandonment, confusion and isolation, that somehow that does not stop Him. That He will arrive unannounced and uninvited, at my doorstep and pound His way in. If that's not true, I have no hope and neither do you.

You have heard it said that God is a gentleman, that he will not force his way in. If that is true we all might as well fold our hand and leave the game. The truth is, none of us would welcome a polite God who doesn't want to interfere with our lives. None of us would gladly entertain a politically correct God who waits patiently for our invitation.

We are all hell-bent on our own party, inviting who we want and washing our hands of those we don't want - God included.

How deeply do men err who conceive of God as subject to our human will or as standing respectfully to wait upon our human pleasure.
- A. W. Tozer, The Pursuit of Man

Your hope and mine rests on what Brennan Manning calls "the furious longing of God." Manning offers great comfort by reminding us that, "God is one who chases after creation with a fury unlike the universe has ever seen."

Radical, good news...

 ...assurance for the broken.

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