Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's Free

The "nothing," the sola fide, dislodges everyone from the saddle, Jew and Greek, publican and pharisee, harlot and homemaker, sinner and righteous, liberal and orthodox, religious and non-religious, minimalist and maximalist, and shakes the whole human enterprise to the roots. It strikes at the very understanding of life that has been so engrained in us, the understanding in terms of the legal metaphor, the law, merit and moral progress. Justification, the reformers said, is by imputation, freely given. It is an absolutely unconditional decree, a divine decision, indeed an election, a sentence handed down by the judge with whom all power resides.

~ Gerhard Forde


  1. Great stuff, Lori!


    Here's a pretty good (Fordeian) sermon by one of his former students (my pastor):

    Listen for the "nothing". It is there, strongly.

    1. Thanks so much Steve! I'd love to listen.

      blessings friend,