Monday, January 6, 2014

Modesty, Women's Ministry and Idolizing Our Kids

A quick look back at Set Free... from 2013 includes the four most popular posts.

Skirts were a topic of conversation, but not short skirts. Longer skirts got our attention when we asked, "Will wearing them protect our daughters?" For a gospel take on modesty, read more here. But, it was not just the girls we were concerned about. The question is one for the guys too - will that same long skirt protect them? We talked about that here.

Another favorite topic was the truth about what women think of Women's Ministry. Did you know that if you are a pastor's wife, you must play the piano, lead Bible studies, and be at most church functions? NOT. However, that is what one woman was told. It is no wonder that many women inside the church commonly feel like they don't measure up. Read more here.

Finally, does God shake a pointing finger at moms, waiting for them to shape up, stop focusing on their kids so much and start focusing on Jesus? We talked about idolizing our children here.

The gospel really does free us from all that the Christian culture throws our way. Interestingly, these posts are talking about expectations WITHIN the church, not outside of the church. Jesus said, that is why I came. To set free those who are enslaved and bound by the legalistic requirements of the Law. He set the captives free by fulfilling the law and all of its righteous demands by living perfectly for us.

That is the good news of the gospel. Freedom for captives. Rescue for sinners. Amen.

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