Sunday, October 6, 2013

Luther On Justification

When we are in the matter of justification, there is no time or place to speak of the law: but the question is, what Christ is, and what benefit He hath brought unto us. Christ is not the law; He is not my work, or the work of the law; He is not my charity, my obedience, my poverty; but He is the Lord of life and death, a mediator, a savior, a redeemer of those that are under the law and sin. In Him we are by faith, and He in us. The bridegroom must be alone with the bride, all the family and servants being put apart. But afterwards, when the door of their chamber is open, and he cometh forth, then let charity do her office, and let good works be done.

 ~ Martin Luther Commentary on Galatians

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  1. Great stuff, Lori!

    Good ol' Marty. He was a real bulldog for Christ!

    Thank you, friend.