Sunday, August 11, 2013

For The Doubting and Ashamed, the Weary and Unbelieving

Jesus is the only friend you will ever have who can stand the full revelation of what you are. 

You need not ever hide from Him, nor wear a mask. 

He fully knows you, and you may walk with Him unashamed, though naked, in the full assurance that no revelation of yourself will ever dissipate His love and acceptance. 

If you are like Mephibosheth of old, and your feet are lame, you may uncover them in His presence and will only draw from His great heart the deepest kind of compassion and understanding. 

If you are at times as the bruised reed, He will never seek to break you. If the feeble flame of love and devotion becomes but a smoking lamp, He will never quench you. He will never ridicule, taunt, revile or humiliate you. 

He can only love you and assure you that it is you He loves, not your performance or dutiful works. 

Though for a season you may have been in the far country wasting your substance in riotous living, He will patiently wait until you have spent all, are in deep want, come to yourself and flee to His arms. He will show you nothing but His compassion, fall upon your neck and kiss your fears away. He will clothe you once more with Himself and rejoice in the reality of your renewed fellowship.

Like the Emmaus disciples, you may be going the wrong direction in life at this very moment, gloomy and sad, heart filled with unbelief and the future as black as midnight. 

He will overtake you as you walk, and patiently draw from your confused heart the details of your pent up feelings. 

He will abide with you when your day is far spent, break bread with your hungry heart, reveal Himself to you afresh and set your heart aflame with His undying love. Truly here is a Friend Who can tell you all things that ever you did, and Who knew you before you ever knew Him. 

Here is a friendship where communication will never break down; even when you get sullen and withdrawn, He will search you out and force you once more to the dialogue of love. He will pursue you, talk to you, make you listen and encourage you to pour out the contents of your heart in the assurance that He will fully understand. You need never explain to Jesus. The details are fully known to Him before you try. 

He will let you talk freely to Him if you wish; and when you do, your thoughts and feelings will take on a strange new perspective when you realize you are voicing them in the presence of One Who fully loves you.

excerpt taken from Jesus Loves Me by H.L. Roush, Sr. (emphases added)

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