Monday, January 21, 2013

Four Gospel Truths We Get Wrong

We may sing "Jesus Paid It All", but we live as if we believe "God Exacts Paybacks".

I heard a woman today lament the fact that the rebellion of her son is just
payment for all of the sin
in her own life during her younger years.

Another woman steeped in guilt believes her
wrong choice led to a violent act against her 
and she is struggling under the weight of shame.

And another can't help but believe that consequences she is facing in her life right now are a result of
God's just punishment for her bad decisions.

Sadly, these women have a distorted view of who God is and what Jesus has done on behalf of sinners.

Gospel Truths We Get Wrong

1. Jesus Paid It All - We functionally get this wrong every time we "go back to Egypt" looking for what we thought was so great - turns out it is still just slavery! We enjoy the benefits of the gospel when things are going "well", but in the heat of the moment we fall back on our own frail and faltering abilities.

2.  It is Finished - While we may believe Jesus paid it all, we don't believe his death on the cross keeps paying it all. What I mean is, we believe Jesus paid it all for our salvation, but we think there is somehow atonement to be made for our ongoing sins and work to be done for our ongoing sanctification. We acknowledge that there is a debt to be paid, but we forget it's not ours to pay. Jesus finished it at the cross.

3. The story-line of the bible is Jesus - Everything points to him. We forget that the entire bible points to one story, one man, Jesus Christ. We take verses out of context and whole books of the bible out of The Story. We [wrongly] believe that the sins of our fathers count against us now. Yes, the sins of one person need to be paid for by someone else - that someone was Jesus.

4.  God loves us and in Christ he can NEVER not love us. We [wrongly] believe that all the bad stuff that is happening now is the direct result of God's just wrath and his punishment for all the wrong we have done. We falsely believe God is after us and looking to exact a payback for all of our wrongdoing. We so easily forget that because of what Christ has done on our behalf, God loves us - forever, finally, and fully. Yes, his just wrath deserved payment, but Jesus Christ paid it in full at the cross.

Viewing our sin and our sufferings through a wrong lens will always leave us with a distorted view and a crushed spirit. Knowing the truth about Jesus and all he came to accomplish on our behalf is a radical lens adjuster!

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