Monday, November 19, 2012

Lover Of The Souls Of Men

Nothing touches the heart like the cross of Christ; and when the heart is touched and wounded by the two-edged sword of the law...

Nothing heals its wounds like the balm which flows from the pierced heart of Jesus.

I have not known men made to live unto God and holiness except by the doctrine of the death of Christ on man's behalf. Hearts of stone that never beat with life before have been turned to flesh through the Holy Spirit causing them to know this truth. 

A sacred tenderness the obstinate when they have heard of Jesus crucified for them. Those who have lain at hell's dark door, wrapped about with a sevenfold death-shade, even upon them hath a great light shined. 

The story of the great Lover of the souls of men who gave himself for their salvation is still in the hand of the Holy Ghost the greatest of all forces in the realm of mind.

~ Spurgeon

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