Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Real Life Friday!

I need prayer. 
I need God to intervene. 
And sometimes I just need a good reminder. 

So often I forget. I get wrapped up in my problems and set out to solve them. I make my list, talk to my friends, and plead my case. I strategize my plan of attack and develop the most effective way to carry it out. Often this goes on for days. Welcome to my life...my real Christian life.

My husband and I are facing what seems to be goliath. For years we have been afraid to confront mounting tax debt and it has caught up with us. We heard from our tax accountant today and it's not pretty. His fee to handle the situation is in the thousands - about four or five times more than we were prepared to pay. We have yet to find out how much the actual tax and related penalties will be.

How quick and how often I forget the gospel. How notorious I am to assume God is not so concerned with the details of my life. How prideful I am to set myself up in place of God, [wrongly] believing I actually have the wisdom and knowledge and power to save my self in the midst of fiery trials.

I wanted to be reminded this morning of the gospel. I wanted to find comfort from the pages of scripture and search for an answer to my question "What does the gospel have say about our tax situation?" I flipped to a Psalm, the book of John, and a chapter in Isaiah. But it was not until I reached today's reading in 2 Kings that God taught me again, the truth of his gospel that lives on every page in his word. From chapter nineteen I wrote these refreshing reminders:

God hears my prayers.

God has determined my steps according to his plan from eternity past.

God will surely bring it about.

God knows all about me and how I spend my days - anxious and regretful and uptight.

God knows who I really am - how quick I am to forget, how my heart is prone to wander.

Despite my faithlessness, God is faithful.

God cares for my needs - he will provide for today and tomorrow and next year and five years from now and twenty five years from now.

By Christ's death and resurrection I am saved.

God defends my position - in Christ and by his grace I am protected. Not by my own wisdom, knowledge, and power, but by Christ who died and rose again to present me perfect before God.

I don't need to fear for he has given to me a place in his Kingdom. A Kingdom ruled by grace and mercy, not fault finding and finger pointing.

He has released me from the slavery of self dependence and self reliance to the freedom of trusting that Christ has paid my penalty - fully and finally.

Jesus has handled everything perfectly and his record is now mine. I stand before God as a righteous and perfect child on account of what Christ has done.

I can face consequences of sin with confidence and calm trusting that in Christ I am redeemed and he is reconciling all things to himself.

His power to put back together all that has fallen apart is immeasurable.

My chains that shackled me to the mess of this situation are gone. Christ has set me free - free to rest, free to do the right thing, free from worry and anxiousness, free to face the outcome and consequences standing firm in his promises.

Gospel winds are blowing this morning as God reminds me again that while my sin reaches far, his grace reaches farther.

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