Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Real Life Wednesday!


As I was sitting on the beach this morning enjoying the surf and marveling once again at God and His creation, I was thinking about July 4th and all it means to me and to the citizens of the US. I thought about all the men and women who fought so hard to win our independence and freedom. Countless stories are told over and over as we remember those who have gone before and those who are still fighting for freedom.

As quickly as my thoughts turned to the idea of independence, my mind was struck with my own fight for freedom. There is something deep inside me that screams for independence. It shouts for my rights, for my way. I want to be free to do what I want, to say what I want and to go where I want.

The one desire I treasure above all other desires is to be liberated from tyranny. To be sovereign, controlling my own destiny. When someone else tries to tell me what to do, I politely smile, nod, and then set about on my own course because after all, I know what's best for me.

The problem with following my own path and my own way is it's a disaster waiting to happen. I can look back over my life and there is no mistaking the fact that every time I took control things got worse. Even in recent months and days I can assess specific situations where my life was spinning out of control - that is until I gave up.

The One Battle For Independence I am Glad I Lost

Giving up. Now there's an interesting plan. Giving up would not have entered the thoughts and minds of soldiers in battle. Generals on the front line would not have entertained the idea of calling it quits. Their mission is to fight until the bitter end. Sounds a bit like me. Waging war, making one last stand, defending myself against all odds.

Only when I could see no way out did I cry for help. It was not until the picture looked so bleak that I entertained letting loose. God determined that I would make that last stand and that I would then surrender to the One who is mighty to save. I actually remember the moment God won. The battlefield of my heart was His victory. His sight had been set on me from the beginning of time and the victory had been won.

The struggle to maintain my independence was over. I had lost the battle to keep myself to myself...and I was relieved. It is the one battle for independence that I'm glad I lost. It's ironic isn't it? That I could lose the ultimate battle, and come out winning? So much for independence.

I still struggle with the desire to run my own life.  Day in and day out you'll find me somewhere between surrender and anarchy.  But my fate is forever sealed, I have lost to Love.  And I am glad.

Happy Independence Day!

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