Friday, July 13, 2012

Real Life Wednesday [Friday]!

Real Life Wednesday is Friday. Alas, the middle of the week is proving to be quite a challenge for me...welcome to my real life :)

This Friday the 13th is a big day for a couple of reasons. My Pastor and dear friend Tullian Tchividjian celebrates his 40th birthday! There are so many reasons to celebrate and honor this man, but for me the most meaningful reason is because of the grace he lives out in his life every day. I don't believe there is anyone in my life who has taught me more about what grace in action looks like. I have stood on the sidelines watching him extend grace to others over and over and over again. And, I have stood in need of grace over and over and over again. He has freely given it...lavishly poured it out. This is a small way to honor a man who by God's own grace, has impacted countless lives by not only teaching about grace and freedom with his words but by demonstrating grace and freedom to everyone he comes in contact with. Happy Birthday Tullian!

The other and more important reason (sorry Tullian) this is a big day is that it's date night! I love Fridays for this very reason! It's why I say on Monday morning "five more days". Not because I don't like work and want to rush through the week to get to the weekend. I love my job and ministry, but I can't wait to spend time relaxing and talking with my husband Peter, as we enjoy a new food find or just hang out over a beer and a burger. Sometimes we know exactly where we're going. sometimes it's a spontaneous decision and sometimes it's a surprise like last Friday night. My husband came home giddy and announced we were going to have dinner at the new restaurant my son works at. We surprised him and were seated at one of his tables and enjoyed fabulous food, a bistro type atmosphere, and delicious dessert and wine on the patio afterward.

It's almost noon and I have no idea what we're doing tonight, and that's fine. I know that whatever we do the most important part will be spending time with my husband. In our busy lives this is a refuge each week that we can both count on and look forward to!

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