Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Real Life Wednesday!

When my husband and I exchanged our wedding vows we placed beautiful shiny gold bands on each others' fingers and said "I do". They were a symbol of our love and commitment for forever - til death do us part.

That seems so long ago and time has a way of blurring memories. Life creeps in and sometimes it's hard to to see what seemed so clear in the beginning.

These are our original wedding rings. 

The two bands were diamond cut - polished and gleaming.

The engagement ring was simple - a small diamond given to me by my grandmother.

Over the years the bands became dulled and scratched. My husband Peter, works with his hands and chemicals and dirt had taken a toll.  His band was worn down and almost completely smooth. One year I decided to add emeralds (my birthstone) to the top of my band and the jeweler did very poor work almost ruining the band. Peter had stopped wearing his ring to try and prevent it from getting worse. So, for our 10th wedding anniversary Peter bought me a new diamond ring and two gold and diamond bands for either side of the engagement ring. They are beautiful and I've been wearing them for such a long time that the memory of our original rings had faded.

Fast forward to recent years.  More than our rings suffered under the effects of "wear and tear".  We found ourselves in a very difficult season of our marriage.  As God began to put back together what was torn apart, I thought about those beat up rings.  I actually found them in a small blue velvet pouch tucked away in my jewelry box and pulled them out to find them just as I had remembered - beat up and barely resembling the once glistening new bands.  I knew in an instant that I wanted to try and have them restored.

The next day I headed over to a local family jeweler in town and presented them to the woman behind the counter. She is the jeweler's wife and an expert in gold and diamonds. She took one look and her face said it all. She explained that it would be impossible to restore my band because there were six tiny holes drilled all the way through.  And, Peter's band would take a lot of work to build it back up and then make the precision cuts look like new. My heart sank. She said she would check with her husband. I could see their faces as they discussed the rings and I saw her husband nodding. My heart soared - he said it would take work but he thought he could do it!  He would have them done in a week!

Several days later I went to pick up the rings and when she took them out of the little black pouch I could not believe it!  My eyes started to well up with tears as I looked at these beautiful restored rings.

All the memories of our wedding day came flooding back...

I was overwhelmed as I thought about how God was restoring our marriage and how these rings represented that restoration work and all God has been doing in each of us and in our marriage these last few months.

It was no coincidence that God gave our newly restored rings back to us! That's His business - making all things new! Rescuing, recreating and restoring!

If you see me around, I'm sporting my "new" ring. It's beautiful! My husband wears his around his neck on a gold chain.

When I look at my band each day it is a piercing reminder of the mess we are and the cleaner upper God is.

His grace goes after sinners.

His grace never stops.

His grace did not speed up when we were "good" or slow done when we were "bad".

His grace knows no boundaries...and never, never gives up.

It's who He is.

In a word - Redeemer.

God's not finished either.

He is guiding and directing each of us as we struggle to give up our selfish, self-centered ways.

But more and more we recognize that we are great sinners - both of us - in need of a a great Savior!

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  1. This was such a beautiful article and it is amazing how the Lord can restore an old broken sinner and make us beautiful. I just stumbled on your site through twitter and I'm loving it you encouraged me today

    1. Thanks Lucy! I'm glad it was of encouragement to you. It's just like Paul says in 2 Corinthians 1:6 "If we are afflicted, it is for your comfort and salvation; and if we are comforted, it is for your comfort..." The Lord loves broken people :)!