Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Real Life Wednesday!

Welcome to Real Life Wednesday! This is not some crazy weekly post confessing great sin and revealing all the intimate details of my existence.  (that would actually be pretty boring!)  It is simply a desire to authentically share what goes on in my "real life".  I have realized that while I have the desire to be real and transparent, I keep getting pulled back in to the lie that says I have to present myself in a certain way in order to be liked, admired and approved.  My intention with this weekly post is to give you a snapshot into normal everyday life lived 24/7 in a fallen world with other sinners.  If being free really is what it means and if what the Bible says about Jesus coming to set captives free is really true, then I am free to "come clean" from living according to the wisdom of the world.  I can live as one whose chains have been loosed.  

My first post experimenting with this glorious freedom is admittedly, a bit superficial.  Am I really free from needing the approval and acceptance of others based on my outward appearance?  Would it really be so bad to "come clean" to the world about how I look...right out of the shower with wet hair and no make up?  Do I need all of the adornment I've come to depend on to give me confidence in how I look and how I am perceived?

Caution - the truth is a bit scary!  Scary for you maybe - you have to look at this!  

But not scary for me... 

Not anymore.

No, I am not going to some extreme ascetic way of life by denouncing all unnecessary material goods.  That would be slavery in the opposite direction!  I love make up and clothes and pretty shoes and toenail polish.  I go to a salon and have my hair cut.  I indulge periodically on highlights.  Enjoying these good gifts that God gives has more to do with my budget than believing they are somehow "wrong".

What I have wrestled with and what I believe God is doing is freeing me from any dependence I have on things I think I need in order to make me feel like I am accepted, liked, valued and approved of.

I am coming to realize that there really is no better place to be than free!

p.s. for any fellow staffers reading this - I will be donning makeup in the morning :)


  1. Oh my gosh I love you so look sooooo much better than me without make up! What a great idea to bare all and let it all fly heavenward. You are so wonderful Lori, please drive with us to Naples so we can laugh the entire make up-less way! -Robin

  2. Robin - seriously lol! I would love to drive with you all. Let's talk in the next few days and we'll figure it all out! Can't wait! Maybe I'll come to dinner makeup-less ;)Thanks for visiting!

  3. Lori,
    I can't believe that you posted on this. I am asking God to make me less dependent on make-up,too. So, on Monday, I did a test when I was at church helping in the clothes closet. Partly because I was late and did not have time, but partly because I want to be free so bad!!

    I wore my hair back in a pony tail and barely put on any makeup. I have to admit, "it was harder than I thought it would be". :) Everyone else looked like they stepped out of a vogue, and me, looked like I was going camping. Praying this will get easier as God's grace and love keeps reminding me that my Papa God thinks I am beautiful with or without makeup.


  4. Tammy, you are so sweet - and beautiful! God wants us to be free in ways we've never been before. I'm free to wear make up and free not to wear make up. Either way, I am learning that my dependence needs to be on God and not on things that I think make me feel valued!

    Thanks for your comments! I always look forward to seeing you here :)