Friday, April 13, 2012

Coffee and A Temper Tantrum

What a lovely little bag of deliciousness! I spied this in the coffee and tea isle at my local grocery store last week. The best part - two for one! Coffee can be pricey so I was super excited to bring home two bags of what promised to be beautiful beginnings for many days to come. [insert "Lori, you are being ridiculous" grin]  I snapped these up and placed them in my shopping cart as I imagined Saturday morning and the rich aroma wafting from our kitchen. My sweet husband is up every morning making coffee before I roll out of bed and I couldn't wait to wake up to that glorious essence and the sound of our coffee maker gurgling and brewing this tasty concoction! What is it about a wonderful cup of hot coffee that is so appealing, so comforting, so...well...necessary!!! Yes, I said necessary. I have become dependent on this little java perfection each morning. There have been times over the last several years when I've felt myself becoming a little too tied to this morning ritual. When that happens I usually switch over to green tea for a while but I find that I keep coming back to this brown little bean. I'm kind of at that place right now - feeling a little too obsessive about my friend. Feeling a bit like my life would be less than it should be if I missed my steaming mug of jo every morning. The thought has crossed my mind that it has become an i---. Ugghhh, you know what I mean. Could it be that I am worshiping this tasty treat? How would I know for sure? Here is a litmus test if you are wondering about your own intense feelings for your favorite brew.

As I was waking up last Saturday morning I smiled inside as I realized what was in store. That tasty concoction that I had anticipated was waiting for me. I had excitedly shared the news with my husband the day before - proudly exclaiming the fact that we had two of these yellow bags of goodness for the price of one! I knew he would be as excited as I was [insert "really?"] [insert chuckle].  As I walked to the kitchen I anticipated a day filled with perfection because of this simple pleasure.  My poor husband had no idea what was coming...when I asked him about making this new find he replied that he had made the coffee that was still left in the old bag intending to use that up first before we opened the new one!  WHAT!!!!!  I quickly descended into a ranting lunatic!

They served their idols, which became a snare to them. 
Psalm 106:36

I am still surprised at how this innocent looking treasure could have the power to throw me into the tailspin I was in. My friend had turned into my idol!

Here is the litmus test: 
 If you rip someone's head off over a cup of coffee, 
you've probably made it an idol. 

This post got me thinking about coffee slogans and coffee facts.  Enjoy!

The best part of waking up, is Folger’s in your cup

What do you want most from coffee? That’s what you get most from Hills.
-Hills Brothers Coffee 

Good coffee is like friendship: rich, and warm and strong
-Pan American Coffee Bureau 

Bring on the day 
- Starbucks DoubleShot 

Work can wait. Smooth out your day, everyday 
- Starbucks Frappuccino 

Imagine what a bit of Classic can do. 

When it's time for Me, it's time for Melitta 

A new experience every week 
- Tchibo Coffee 

  • Coffee is the world’s second most traded commodity, taking a backseat only to petroleum
  • Coffee market earns nearly sixty billion dollars annually
  • Brazil is the largest coffee producing region.  Colombia ranks second
  • No coffee is grown in the United States 
  • When coffee first reached Rome, Christian priests believed that Satan had invented coffee as a substitute for wine which Muslims were not allowed to drink. 
  • Since wine was used in Christian practices such as Holy Communion, priests thought that coffee must then be from the Anti-Christ. Faced with strong beliefs that coffee was the drink of Satan, Pope Clement VIII asked to try a cup before making a decision. When he did, he blessed the drink as a Christian beverage, resulting in massive imports of coffee to Italy and the Western world.
  • Today, US coffee drinkers consume approximately 3.1 cups per day on average
  • Over eighty percent of Americans consume coffee 
  • On average, coffee drinkers will spend $164.71 per year on coffee
  • Coffee drinkers that get a cup to go from a local coffeehouse before work will wait in line nearly forty-five hours each year
  • Coffee is the world’s second most popular drink after water
(taken from Coffee Facts and Statistics)

...Excuse me while I go meet a friend for coffee ;)


  1. I love your post! I don't drink coffee but went through a similar process with Dr. Pepper. I enjoyed all of your coffee facts too. I will have to share this post with a couple of friends. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Thanks BelovedBomber! God uses everything to make us more like Him! Even a cup of coffee :) Blessings to you too!