Monday, February 20, 2012


It's tempting at the beginning of every year to reflect on past events and circumstances that mark the preceding twelve months. You consider the past year as either relatively "good" or "bad" based on interactions with people, relationships with loved ones and your ability to maneuver through the daily challenges life offers. You contemplate your responses - were you joyful, loving and persevering? The world tells us this kind of reflection is valuable but the gospel tells us something radically different.

It's not about our accomplishments and failures or our ability to manage the ups and downs of life. The Bible tells us something crazy – something so unbelievable it's seems too good to be true. The Bible tells us it’s not about me or about you.

It's all about Jesus.

The story from beginning to end is the story of the Savior. We are overcome with the deep dark recognition of the fact that that we can’t do anything about our sad and sorry state of affairs.

We try to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.
We want to have a 2012 that's different.
We commit to doing more and trying harder.
It’s exhausting - are you tired before you’ve even started?

Jesus came to set captives free from the burden of having to figure everything out. He came to clean up what we could never fix on our own. He came to redeem and renew. Jesus has set us free from guilt, condemnation and the belief that we don’t measure up and He frees us to admit we don’t have what it takes. But Jesus does. When we look at Jesus and his accomplishments for us we take comfort knowing all our mistakes are forgiven.

Although our rebellious hearts have resisted, 
God in Christ has been stronger.  

God breaks through and tells us “Beloved, it is finished. I have loved you with an everlasting love. I will never let you go…forever and ever!”

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