Saturday, December 3, 2011

Marriage: What Everyone Should Know About Marriage Before [And After] Getting Married

A recent post (here) discussed marriage and the problems we run into when we try to prepare for, or fix marriage by following five step programs or ten commandments. These prescriptions only serve to address the symptoms. What's worse is the message we end up with - that it's all up to us! We must follow this plan and be sure to complete all the steps and then - and only then - will we have the marriage we've been promised.

The truth is that only the gospel provides what our marriages need because only the gospel has the power to transform hearts and heal relationships.

We don't need more self help guides 
and do it yourself plans.

We need an outside Rescuer.  

Only Jesus can do what we cannot do for ourselves - save!  We don't have to strive and wring our hands.  The burden is lifted...we are free!

Read the full article in the Good News December 2011 Edition here.

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