Monday, December 26, 2011

12 Days of Ornaments! #12

 My 12 favorite ornaments on our tree. (in no particular order...)

I've included these two ornaments as #12 of my favorite ornaments on our Christmas tree this year.

A few reasons why I love this icicle and bird are:

My husband and I purchased these two sets of crystal ornaments twenty five years ago.

They are pure and clear and bright and reflective.

They freely dangle from thin branches.

They are old and fragile and delicate.

Some have been broken and yet some have survived over the years.

These fragile and delicate ornaments remind me of all the hopes and dreams of my earlier years.  I can recall the various times throughout my life where a shattering  broke in and loss  produced a void.

Relationships were sharply severed, loved ones suddenly heart was left tattered and my spirit crushed.  But, in the midst of the shattering and among the devastation of brokenness there has always been a persevering and a saving Hand.  

While things were breaking there was a re-assembly taking place.  It may not have always been clear at the time.  I needed the hindsight that distance brought to be able to see the greater purposes for the pain.

I take comfort as I pull these fragile ornaments out each year.  I remember the brokenness and the shattering of the past and then I marvel at the clarity and beauty of the re-assembly and restoration.  It is an acknowledgement of my brokenness and God's redemption.  It is an awareness of my pain and a thankfulness for God's perseverance. 

It is a hope - a hope in the One who renews, redeems, reweaves, reorients, recovers and restores.

He died to redeem all that was lost.
He lives to reweave all that has unraveled.
He comes to put back together everything that's been broken.
He loves to restore all that's been taken.

He will return one glorious day to make everything sad untrue.  
To make everything new forever and ever.
Oh Glorious Day!
Come Lord Jesus, come.

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