Saturday, September 3, 2011


I recently did a google search for  "Gospel-Centered" and it faithfully returned a seemingly endless number of links discussing gospel centered churches, ministries, preaching, and living.

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I found discussions about the confusion of what being gospel centered really means and I became frustrated with the fact that I could find no clear articulation about what it really means practically and functionally to live as a gospel centered person. Specifically as I live out this Christian walk as spouse, employee, parent and neighbor - what does it really look like in this culture, in my  How does it change the way I live?

I did find this helpful quote by Toby Kurth (you can read the entire post here)

"We do not drift towards gospel-centrality in our own lives or in our churches. It involves an active and frequent application of gospel truth to every situation we face. What makes me nervous are phrases like “Is he gospel-centered?” or “That is not a gospel-centered church.” Let’s not settle for shorthand. Being “gospel-centered” is a life-long endeavor, not a slogan. It is not the ability to recite a few well-crafted phrases; it is rather the commitment to continually turn away from defining yourself or your church in accordance with anything other than the person and work of Jesus Christ."

I love his line "being gospel-centered is a life long endeavor, not a slogan".  That is what I'm learning.  Through relationships, God is showing me (painfully, but beautifully) that  I can not call myself gospel-centered (a slogan or label) unless I am living gospel-centered-ly.  I don't profess to know the answers, I can only share what God has been teaching me and what that looks like.   

Stay tuned for a four part blog series as I take a look at who we really are, the comforting reality that we're not alone, the breathtaking truth that we don't have to try harder and the scandalous declaration that "it is finished"!

Along the way I'd love to know what your understanding of living a gospel-centered life looks like...

Feel free to disagree (politely please), or chime in with your own struggles...

I'd love to hear testimonies as well - encouragement for me and for others is always welcome here :)...

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