Monday, September 26, 2011

Gospel Centered Life - Part 3

Continuing my four part series on the Gospel Centered Life, here's Part 3 -
we don't have to try harder...

Christ's Forgiveness

I was speaking with a friend recently and she was telling me about a trip she had just returned from – visiting with family up north.  She began to share how frustrated she got with her mom who was angry and impatient with her grandchildren because they were running around like crazy in her home. My friend felt terrible and guilty for speaking harshly to her mom. She was regretful believing that her mom would move further away from Christianity because of how she was being treated by her daughter, a Christian. My friend is a sweet woman, a gospel loving person who is reveling in the freedom Jesus came to bring. And yet, she (like me and like you) forgets the gospel in her daily life, when she’s in the trenches. I do it all the time!  We need each other to help point us back when we forget what Jesus has done for us.

So I told her, “The enemy is very pleased with himself right now.  He has given you a guilty conscious, he has isolated you and he has made you to believe you’re the only one dealing with this kind of situation. But he is wrong on all accounts. He is wrong, because Jesus came, died, and rose again to bring us in, to give us his perfect righteousness knowing we could never attain it on our own. Because He is perfect for us, we don’t have to be – we never could be anyway. So, when Satan slings his weak attempts at you meant to crush you, you can say "Thank you Accuser! This is an opportunity for me to remember my Savior, my Rescue.”  You can tell him "Accuser - You are right in what you say - I was impatient with my mom, I was judging her for the very same thing I was doing.  I don’t have this all figured out – but, my Savior does! It is his victorious and perfect life that covers me. I am blameless and perfect in my Father's sight. By accusing me and reminding me of my sin, you have reminded me of my Savior!"

The Gospel silences our enemy. Acknowledging our weakness and Christ’s strength leaves our enemy powerless.  Every time I feel guilt or condemnation it is a reason for me to celebrate my Savior. Jesus forgives me, perfects me, and loves me – with a never giving up, never stopping, always and forever love that will never fade away – for ever, and ever, and ever!”

What does being gospel-centered look like?

Agree with our accuser.
Be reminded of your Savior!
He is your righteousness!
He has come to set us free!

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